Dolendi Family Central

The idea for this website came about when Larry & Katie had their babies.  The twins, Riley Edward & Reese Elizabeth, gave Larry a new outlook on things.  He wanted a safe and easy way to backup the seemingly endless number of pictures he and Katie were taking and of course to share them with the family.  Then the idea took on new life as his immediate family started to scatter geographically and he was looking for new and innovative ways to stay in touch with everybody at the same time, that's when the idea of having personalized email addresses came to light.  As the idea grew and grew he thought "wouldn't it be nice to have one central location where all things DOLENDI could be found?"  Birthdays, calendars, pictures, even a family tree!


And so was born!

Who Are Those People?

The Dolendi family has a unique relationship, and a dynamic all our own. Come see a little more about the crew here.

That's A Good Looking Family

We never get enough!  Enough food, enough drink, enough talking, enough laughing.  We also never get enough pictures!!! Come take a look at our family here.