The Dolendi Family seems to be constantly growing, at least that is how it feels.  We have lots of cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. But keeping them straight can sometimes be tough.  In this section we have the extended family.  On this page you will find the rest of the Dolendis. In the left navigation bar you will see links that take you to the further extension of our clan through marriage.  Just because your last name isn't Dolendi doesn't mean that you aren't a HUGE part of our family!!!

Sara & Larry Dolendi had two boys, Larry (married to Dodi) and Ralph (pictured).  Ralph has made his home in the Phoenix area where he is retired and enjoying his new home.  He has three children Deanna, David, and Ralphie.  Ralphie lives in the Phoenix area as well while Deanna and David live in Chicago.  Ralph, the "chef" of the family, played a major role in the revitalization of the Sunday Dinner tradition.  Anybody who has been to a Dolendi dinner table knows Ralph's gravy is AMAZING!!!  Ralph does a great job of splitting his time between Arizona and Chicago, and the family gets to see him quite a bit! 

Ralph's only daughter, Deanna, who until July of 2011 was the only living natural born female Dolendi.  Deanna makes her home in Downtown Chicago.  Her long time boyfriend Bill Wolfe, makes his home in Joliet.  Deanna & Bill love to travel.  They have a particular fondness for Las Vegas and try to go when they can.  They love dining out and have excellent taste in dining establishments.  They enjoy spending time with the family.  Deanna & Bill love to hang out with her brother David, and the cousins.

Ralph's oldest son David and his wife, Shannon, have made their home in Downtown Chicago.  David & Shannon are looking forward to expanding the Dolendi family with the addition of a new member to the tribe.  David & Shannon love to travel.  They have a particular attraction to the Carribean.  David has become quite the world traveller through his job, but nothing beats a beach and cocktail!  David & Shannon are easily the Dolendi family's pizza connoisseurs, having tried most of what Chicago has to offer.  We are all looking forward to the addition to the family.