Dodi's niece, daughter of Deborah (Dodi's sister), Koreen and her husband Brad Anderson have made their home in Park Ridge.  The newly married couple are settling into "Married Life" quite well.  Both Kory & Brad work hard but play hard too.  They, like most of the members of the Dolendi family, enjoy the nightlife.  Kory loves live music and tries enjoy a band when she can.  Brad loves to play both golf and hockey.  The couple are regular attendees of Sunday Dinner and enjoy a good Champagne Thursday when they can.  Kory is Godmother to Katie & Larry's son Riley and loves spoiling both the babies with all manner of goodies.

Mother of Brad Anderson, Kay, has made her home in Downtown Chicago.  Loving mother to Brad and gracious mother-in-law to Kory she is enjoying all that city living has to offer.  A wonderful extension of the Dolendi clan, Kay has been more recently involved in some of the wonderful traditions of our family including Sunday Dinner and of course Champagne Thursday. (Picture to be updated)