Linda Elaine, longtime friend of Dodi and honorary Dolendi, calls Plainfield her home.  She has two wonderful daughters Dionne & Leslie.  Dionne is married to her husband T.C. with their daughter Olivia and they make their home in Washington D.C.  Leslie, newly married to her husband M.J. are pregnant and expecting the first addition to their family.  Linda, Leslie & M.J. because of living so close are regular attendees of many of the Dolendi Family events like Sunday Dinner and Champagne Thursday (even though Leslie can't partake right now).

Another honorary member of the Dolendi Family is Jim Clesceri.  Jim, longtime friend of Larry & Nick, makes his home in Aurora.  He has been a staple at Dolendi events for a long time and hopefully for a very long time to come.  A close friend and confidant of the Dolendis Jim is as much apart of the family as the rest of members even related by blood.