One of the more fun of the Dolendi traditions has become Champagne Thursday.  The concept for Champagne Thursday was born out of a hilarious scene from a movie where a roommate says to another roommate "Happy Champagne Thursday!" which is immediately replied to with "Um... it's Friday..." which the original character replies quickly enough with "Lucky for us it came twice this week!"


Larry thought this was funny so he brought a bottle of champagne to a Sunday dinner and when he popped the cork he yelled "Happy Champagne Thursday!" and of course it stuck! 


There are only two rules for a traditional Champagne Thursday:


1.  Champagne Thursday can NEVER fall on a Thursday!!!  If the family

     gets together on a Thursday and drinks champagne it is not 

     referred to as aChampagne Thursday... it is just having a glass of



2.  While participating in Champagne Thursday you are not to consume

     the beverage out of a traditional champagne glass (pictured below)

    Instead you should drink from an official Champagne Thursday

    glass.  The official glassware of Champagne Thursday does not

    necessarily have a defined shape as much as it is the volume

    which it will hold that is important.  Champagne Thursday is about

    relaxing and enjoying time with the family, so we use very large

    vessels for our champagne.  A collection of acceptable Champangne

    Thursday glasses are pictured below.

Champagne Thursday is not a tradition that the Dolendis keep to themselves.  All are welcome at Champagne Thursday, in fact we encourage people to take the tradition and run with it!  Start a Champagne Thursday tradition of your own, bring the festivities where ever you go!!! Pop the cork, sit back and enjoy with your family and friends!