This is really the nuts and bolts of what this website was created for... everything else is just a bonus!  When Larry came up with the idea for a family website there were only two major reasons for it:


1. To have a place to backup the 1,000's of pictures he and Katie were taking of the kids so they would be safely saved in the event of a disaster we would always have the pictures somewhere.


2. He has pretty much always wanted the email address


Currently there are 5 sections to our Gallery:


- Family Fun (a place where we can put pictures of the whole family doing whatever)


- Riley & Reese (a single place where all the pictures of the babies can be saved and shared with the family)


- Weddings (self-explanatory)


- Vacations (it doesn't matter who goes on vacation we all want to see the pictures)


- Professional Pictures (the place where all the pictures we have had taken by a professional photographer can go)


If anybody wants to add another gallery or another topic please feel free to email or request a password and you can add it yourself with just a few clicks of the mouse!