It's not just Riley & Reese that get to step in front of a professional's lense.  We got the whole family together for a shoot!!! If I must say so myself... we are a good looking family!!! Come see how good we look here.

Can you believe it?  Riley & Reese are six months old already!!!  We had another great photo shoot with B&B Photography and got an opportunity to have them photographed in their Christmas outfits.  The pictures came out great, come have a look here.

Three month photo shoot with B&B Photography!!! A lot of very cool candid type pictures.  Riley & Reese were doing much better at smiling and looking at the camera this time around than in their newborn pictures.  Come see how cute they are here.

Everybody loves newborns!  But they are even better when there's TWO!!!  And they are better still when they are Dolendis!!!  Come check out Riley & Reese's first photo shoot with B&B Photography.  These pictures were taken when the babies were 7 days old!!! How adorable "R" they??? Find out here.

We have been fortunate enough to have had pictures taken by a professional photographer.  The following galleries are examples of just that.  Take a look at Katie & Larry's Maternity pictures here.