Getting so close to being a year old!!!  Can't believe how fast time flies!!!  Again, a special thank you to Katie for being right on top of the 10 Month photo shoot and keeping a wonderful tradition going!!!  I for one can tell you it is truly a challenge getting these pictures with both kids being mobile and wanting nothing more than to keep moving all the time!!!  Come see this month's cuteness here.

Holy cow!!! Just can't believe how fast time is FLYING by!!!  Riley & Reese have reached another month!!!  As always a special thank you goes out to Katie for staying on top of what has become a very special tradition in the Dolendi family that everybody seems to look forward to!!!  Come see our little cuties nine month shoot here.

Happy Easter everybody!!!  The Easter Bunny has made a bunch of extra stops at Dolendi households!!! Riley & Reese are spoiled rotten but we are all just fine with that!!! Come take a look at Riley & Reese's first Easter in pictures here.

Creeping ever closer to the 1 year mark!  Can you believe it?  Riley & Reese are already eight months old!!!  As always, Katie was right on top of the photo shoot and has done a wonderful job as always in keeping the tradition alive.  Come see how much fun we had at our eight month shoot here.

Another month has passed and believe it or not Riley & Reese are already 7 months old already!!!  This photo shoot was one of my favorites as both Riley and Reese were super happy!!!  As always a special thank you goes out to Katie for keeping the tradition alive!!!  Come see the twins smiling away in their newest gallery here.

Happy Valentine's Day!!! These two munchkins stole all our hearts on Valentine's Day!!!  Not a huge gallery but check out how cute Riley & Reese were on their first Valentine's Day here.

Can you believe Riley and Reese are half way to their first birthday!!!  They totally have personalities unique to each of them and they show it in their six month photo shoot.  Thank you as always to Katie for keeping the monthly photo shoots alive and well.  Come see the "Halfway to a Year" gallery here.

Ringing in the New Year with style and class! Riley was rocking his tuxedo t-shirt and Reese sported her "little black dress" t-shirt!  Very cute indeed! Come see what the life of the party looked like on New Years Eve 2011-2012 here.

Merry Christmas! And HO HO HO!!! We have a lot of Christmas pictures of Riley and Reese, but I didn't want to split them into a bunch of different galleries so when you click on the picture or here and it take you to the gallery the pictures are as follows: first, pictures with Santa, second, Christmas Eve pictures, and third, Christmas Day pictures. Enjoy!!!

Five months old in December?  These kids are going to start getting confused what they get presents for and what they don't!  As always Katie has been awesome about making sure these monthly photo shoots take place and the pictures are always fantastic!  Take a look at the 5 month collection here.

Happy Thanksgiving!!! We know for sure what we are thankful for this year... Riley & Reese of course!!! They look way too cute in their Thanksgiving outfits, you have to take a look!!! You can see the Thanksgiving shots here.

Four months old already? YEP!!! That means it's time for another gallery of awesome pictures of our little Riley & Reese care of Katie.  As always, thank you Katie for staying on top of the monthly pictures.  Come see Riley & Reese's 4 month pictures here.

The twins were pretty busy between turning 3 months and 4 months, so here is a collection of cute stuff they did that month.  Come be witness to the cuteness here.

It may not have been the spookiest of days for our little ones, but they were easily the cutest jack o' lanterns EVER!!! Take a look at Riley & Reese's first Halloween in pictures here.

On October 23, 2011 Riley & Reese Dolendi were officially welcomed to the church as children of God.  Katie and Larry could not be more pleased and just take a look at how happy the Godparents are!!!  Thank you to J.J. Morelli and Koreen Anderson (Riley's Godparents) and Nick Dolendi and Joanna Morelli (Reese's Godparents) for making the day so wonderful.  Take a look at the pictures here.

Another month has passed and these kids just keep getting cuter!!!  We can't get enough of Riley & Reese! Thank you again goes out to Katie for staying on top of the monthly photo shoots.  Come check out this months batch here.

Very exciting stuff!!!  Katie & Larry took the babies to the Apple Orchard for the first time!!!  It was a beautiful day and we took a bunch of pictures so come and check out how cute the twins looked here.

Another month of super cute pictures of Riley & Reese!  Katie, again thank you for keeping the tradition going.  Two months old and getting cuter everyday!  Take a peek at their two month pics here!

The monthly picture tradition continues... Thank you Katie, another month of adorable pictures of the twins sporting their very fitting 1 month onesies!!!  Come see how cute they are here.

A tradition started by Katie putting to use a great shower gift, is taking pictures of the twins in shirts that designate how old they are.  This is the Zero Month gallery, check out Riley & Reese in the first of a series of galleries here.

As stated before, Katie & Larry fell into the trap of taking a million pictures during the first month of Riley & Reese's life, so this is the place for you to check out the rest of their first month here.

Ok... so like every other set of new parents Katie and Larry got a little camera happy so there are a LOT of pictures!!! Come take a look at the first week of Riley & Reese's life here.

The twins have arrived!!! July 23rd, 2011 was the happiest day in the lives of Katie & Larry as they were blessed with the arrival of their baby boy Riley Edward and their baby girl Reese Elizabeth.  Come see the first day of their lives in pictures here.